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SMC is Australia’s Only Marketing Agency Specialising in Client Retention for Beauty Salons & Skin Clinics.

We get your business. We know you want to perform more facials. We understand the treatments & skincare brands you offer. We are committed to the professional beauty & skin clinic industry. We are your marketing team.

"I needed a marketing agency that spoke my language and understood how to retain my clients and scale my business through advanced skin treatments and retail sales. I found the solution in SMC."


Tara Shaw, owner of The Beaute House, Gold Coast, Australia


You're a passionate therapist, and you love treating skin.
You're a dedicated leader with a team you are developing & committed to educating. Your goal is to limit your time in the treatment room and work on your business. 


You pay for an industry-specific point-of-sale software program every month, but do nothing with it when it comes to the system's marketing features. You know there is untapped potential to make more money in your database which, is underutilised. 


You've accepted if nothing changes, your business will always fall short of its full potential. You're ready to take the excellent beauty salon you have built to THE NEXT LEVEL. 
There's no question that you are great at what you do; however, you feel stuck when marketing. 


Salon Marketing Creative Agency's primary focus is to help beauty salons increase their revenue using the most valuable asset they own - the client database. Take "marketing" off your to-do list and put it onto ours, today! 

Hi! I'm Vanessa McDonald.

With over 20 years in the beauty industry, I founded Salon Marketing Creative Agency in 2016, a full-service marketing agency specialising in helping beauty salons RETAIN CLIENTS and growing the business by increasing skin treatments and retail sales.  


We know the beauty industry, understand your treatments, and know how to help you mine for gold from your database!


There's no doubt that marketing can feel overwhelming. I get that and, it's the reason why I started SMC Agency. It's also why outsourcing and taking "marketing" off your to do list is crucial if you don't understand HOW to market and don't have the time to learn. 

Does marketing feel like a weight on your shoulders? 

You're not alone. 


The relief our clients feel when they engage SMC's services can be your experience too. Like Nicole - owner of Anshelle Beauty Salon in Camden NSW, wife and mother of three...

"I can't express the relief and excitement I felt after planning my campaign marketing with Vanessa. Usually, I procrastinate and lose focus. I'm going into this year with a weight off my shoulders, and I've got a strategic plan! The best part is I can focus on my clients and making sure they have a memorable experience."

Nicole Mastroieni, Owner of Anshelle Beauty Salon

Discover more about how SMC can help you

Your business does have a heap of potential. Book a Marketing Consultation today!*


Your Marketing Discovery Consultation will be one-on-one with Vanessa McDonald, SMC Agency's founding director and senior marketing strategist. You'll be amazed at what you uncover about the true potential of your business in 30-minutes.


YES! I want to discover how to retain my clients and boost revenue!

*The Marketing Consultation is complimentary to beauty salon owners who want to grow their business through facial treatments. 

Plus, you use an industry-specific POS Software program such as Phorest, Kitomba, Timely or Shortcuts, to name just a few of the main guys. Finally, you have a database of existing clients.


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